Cavitation in Micro & Nanoscale

Acoustic Cavitation in Microfluidics: Generation and Applications
Tandiono Tandiono, Siew-Wan Ohl, Dave Siak-Wei Ow and Claus-Dieter Ohl

Bubble Cluster Dynamics in an Acoustic Field
Elvira S. Nasibullaeva, Yekaterina V. Volkova, Nail A. Gumerov and Iskander S. Akhatov

Multibubble Sonoluminescence and Sonochemistry of F-Transition Elements
R. Pflieger, M. Virot, T. Chave, J. Schneider and S. I. Nikitenko

Numerical Simulation of 3D Self-Organization of Bubbles in Acoustic Fields
Nail A. Gumerov and Iskander S. Akhatov

Optical Investigation of a Cavitating Flow in a 2D Nozzle
Cyril Mauger, Loïc Méès, Stèphane Valette, Marc Michard, Michel Lance and Alexandre Azouzi

Sonofragmentation of Molecular Crystals
Kenneth S. Suslick and Brad W. Zeiger

The Resonant Mechanism of Gas Bubble Break-Up in Fluid
Vladimir Vanovsky and Alexander Petrov