Bubble Dynamics

A Criterion for the Occurrence of Bubble Fission and Its Modeling
Can F. Delale, Şenay Pasinlioğlu and Patrik Zima

A New Method for Producing Nonspherical Cavitation Bubble using Flexible Electrodes
Bai Li-xin, Deng Jing-Jun, Xu Wei-Lin and Li Chao

A Non-Invasive Optical Technique to Map Acoustic Cavitation Activity
Kornpatsitt Promasa, Anthony Gachagan and S. Gareth Pierce

Acoustics Method for Judging the Inception Cavitation on Model Bulb Turbine Runner Blade
Zhao Yue and Zhao Yingnan

Analysis of the Nonlinear Dynamics of Ultrasound Contrast Agent Microbubbles
Michael L. Calvisi, James M. Carroll and Leal K. Lauderbaugh

Bubble Dynamics in a Standard Linear Solid (Viscoelastic) Medium
Eric Johnsen and Chengyun Hua

Casing Vibration of Oxidizer Pump for Liquid Rocket Engine
Dae-Jin Kim, Soon-Sam Hong, Jin-Sun Kim, Chang-Ho Choi and Jinhan Kim

Cavitation Bubbles Incepting in Delta-Wing Vortices
Harish Ganesh, Andre Pinheiro, Bu-Guen Paik and Steven Ceccio

Characteristics of Sonazoid Destruction and Bubble Motion Caused by Focused Ultrasound
Yukio Tomita, Shigenori Tanaka, Akira Okada and Tetsuya Kodama

Compressibility Numerical Simulation Studied of Sub and Supersonic Supercavitation Flows
Jiang Yun-hua, An Wei-guang and Song Xiang-Hua

Dynamics of a Bubble in a Narrow Gap
Fahad Ibn Azam, Boo Cheong Khoo, Siew-Wan Ohl and Evert Klaseboer

Effect of Attack Angle on the Bubbly Flow Downstream of Partially Ventilated Cavity
M. Xiang and F. Hu

Effect of Surfactant Type on Microstreaming Velocities Around Microbubbles
James Collis, Thomas Leong, Anthony Novell, Muthupandian Ashokkumar, Sandra Kentish, Ayache Bouakaz, Andrew Ooi and Richard Manasseh

Effects of Coupling, Bubble Size and Spatial Arrangement on the Chaotic Dynamics of a Small Cluster of Microbubbles in Ultrasound
F. Dzaharudin, Sergey A. Suslov, R. Manasseh and A. Ooi

Energy Dissipated during the Cavitation Bubble Collapse Close to a Solid Wall
Miloš Muller, Patrik Zima and Jiří Unger

Experimental and Numerical Study on the Cavitation Stability of Vortex Diode
Lei Jiao, Congnan Chen, Junlian Yin, Jintao Liu and Yulin Wu

Experimental Investigation of Thermodynamic Effect on Cavitation in Liquid Nitrogen
Kazuki Niiyama, Yoshiki Yoshida, Satoshi Hasegawa, Mitsuo Watanabe and Mamoru Oike

Fast Localized Single Cell Membrane Poration Using Cavitation Bubble-Induced Microjets
Z. G. Li, E. Klaseboer, J. B. Zhang, A. Q. Liu and C. D. Ohl

High Speed Observation of a Single Reactant Cavitation Bubble
A.Troia and R. Mettin

Hydrodynamic Cavitation at Elevated Backpressure
A. H. Stoop, T. W. Bakker, H. J. M Kramer and G. J.Witkamp

Influence of a Wall-Attached Bubble on the Direction of a Cavitation Bubble Jet
Bing Hui Terence Goh, Siew-Wan Ohl, Evert Klaseboer and Boo Cheong Khoo

Influence of Collapse Pressure Control on Bubble Radial Motion
Nurul Syafiqah Binti Samsul Bahrin, Yuki Kumazawa, Yuhei Koike, Hisanobu Kawashima and Tsuneaki Ishima

Laser-Induced Cavitation Bubbles in Nanochannels
Sha Xiong, Keita Ando, Tandiono, Claus-Dieter Ohl and Ai-Qun Liu

Modeling Bubble Collapse Aggressiveness in Traveling Bubble Cavitation using Bubble Breakup Model
Patrik Zima and Milan Sedlář

Numerical and Experimental Study of Secondary Cavitation Induced by Underwater Electric Discharge in a Tube
M. Sun and T. Koita

Presence of Single Bubble in Water Hammer Due to Axial Impact Loading
Kazuaki Inaba, Takeshi Nishimura, Hiroyuki Ushifusa and Kikuo Kishimoto

Quantification Methods for Bi-Layered Fluid Mixing using Oscillating Bubble
Deepal Kanti Das, Evert Klaseboer and Khoo Boo Cheong

Self Collapsing Microbubbles Triggered Biofilm Detachment
Ashutosh Agarwal, Huijuan Xu, Wun Jern Ng and Yu Liu

Tensorial Modeling of an Oscillating and Cavitating Microshell used as a Contrast Agent
J. Naude, F. Mèndez, C. Morales and M. Navarrete

The Interaction of Laser-generated Bubbles with an Ultrasonic Field in the Vicinity of a Density Interface
D. M. Leppinen, J. R. Blake, Q. X. Wang and M. Esson

Thermal Effects upon Collapse of Laser-induced Cavitation Bubbles
Hendrik Söhnholz and Thomas Kurz

Thermodynamic Effect at a Single Cavitation Bubble Growth and Collapse
Matevž Dular and Olivier Coutier Delgosha

What Can We Learn from Cavitation Bubble Dynamics in Microgravity?
Mohamed Farhat, Danail Obreschkow, Marc Tinguely, Philippe Kobel, Nicolas Dorzas and Aurel De Bosset