Unsteady Cavitation and Cavitation Instabilities

Frequency Characteristics of Unsteady Cavitating Flows around Axisymmetric Headforms
Hua Liu and Yousheng He

High-Speed Video Observations and Acoustic-Impact Measurements on a NACA 0015 Foil
Martijn van Rijsbergen, Evert-Jan Foeth, Patrick Fitzsimmons and Anne Boorsma

Numerical Analysis of Cavitating Flow Field with Flow Rate Fluctuation Model in a Two-Dimensional Cascade
Byungjin An and Takeo Kajishima

On the Transition from Sheet to Cloud Cavitation
Thomas Keil, Peter F. Pelz and Johannes Buttenbender

The Shedding Phenomenon Caused by the Interaction between Re-Entry Jet and Air Injection of the Ventilated Partial Cavitation
Wang Yiwei, Huang Chenguang, Wei Yanpeng, Yu Xianxian, Du Tezhuan, Fang Xin and Wu Xianqian