Advanced Numerical

An Advanced Euler-Lagrange Approach to Numerical Simulation of Cavitating Engeneering Flows
Sergey Yakubov, Bahaddin Cankurt, Patrick Schiller, Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud and Thomas Rung

An Anti-Diffusion based Eulerian Interface-Sharpening Algorithm for Compressible Two-Phase Flow with Cavitation
Keh-Ming Shyue

An Interface-Capturing Scheme for Direct Simulations of Bubble Dynamics with Viscous and Thermal Diffusion
Eric Johnsen

Implicit Large-Eddy Simulation of Cavitation in a Turbulent Shear Layer
Christian P. Egerer, Stefan Hickel, Steffen J. Schmidt and Nikolaus A. Adams

Investigation of a New Model for Bubbly Cavitating Flow
Tim Colonius and Daniel Fuster

Investigation of Pressure Wave Reflected From a Wall in a Bubbly Flow and Its Influence of a Cluster of Bubbles
Jin Wook Lee and Sanjiva K. Lele

Investigation on Cavitation Scale Effects with Different Cavitation Models
Patrick Schiller, Sergey Yakubov, Bahaddin Cankurt, Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud and Thomas Rung

Numerical Investigation of Collapsing Cavity Arrays
Xiangyu Hu, Eric Lauer, Stefan Hickel, Xiangyu Hu and Nikolaus Adams

Numerical Simulation of Shock Bubble Interaction using a Laser-Induced Cavitation Bubble
Mathieu Bachmann, Siegfried Müller, Mohsen Alizadeh, Thomas Kurz and Hendrik Söhnholz

Quantitative Prediction of Erosion Aggressiveness through Numerical Simulation of 3-D Unsteady Cavitating Flows
M. S. Mihatsch, S. J. Schmidt, M. Thalhamer and N. A. Adams