Travelling information

After arriving at Changi International Airport there two simple ways to make it to the conference venue and other hotels nearby.

Taxi: Most simple is to locate the taxi queue from the arrival hall, queue up (which is very fast), and take one of the standard taxis directly to the hotel. The price is about S$30-40 at peak time to travel from the airport to Clarke Quay Novotel (conference venue). The travel time depends on the traffic condition and may vary between 25 minutes to 45 minutes. All taxi drivers speak English and know the location of the hotel. All cabs are controlled, there is no overcharging, and tip is commonly not given. This holds anywhere in Singapore.

MRT/Bus: Take public transport directly from the airport to the hotel (Clarke Quay Station). You can board the MRT trains within the airport (follow signage). The fare is S$2.20 and it takes about 60 minutes for the full ride.
Once boarded the train at Changi (this is the end of the Green East-West line)  take the train up till Outram Park which is an interchange. There you switch to the North East Line (violet, NE) towards Punggol. After two more stops you arrive at Clarke Quay Station. When you exit the station you need to cross Singapore river to reach Clarke Quay area where the hotel is located (Liang Court). This walk takes about 10 minutes, see the map. Due to heat this walk can be rather demanding and you may consider taking a bus for two stops (line 54 along the way with stop at Liang Court, $0.73).  

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Exchanging money can be conveniently be done at the airport with only slightly higher rates as the best places in downtown.

Main language is English in Singapore, many speak Mandarin and other Chinese dialects.

It is very hot during the day, therefore we recommend to wear comfortable and cooling clothes, e.g. thin pants, shirts with short sleeves, thin shoes, and please keep your tie at home. Yet within buildings air conditioning can be sometimes very strong. Thus you may bring some pullover or jacket  with you if you are uncomfortable with air cons.

Although you may take pre-cautions as one should do in every big city, Singapore is one of the safest places on Earth.

Purchase of an EZ Link Card: Travelling with MRT and buses in Singapore is a breeze. Nearly everybody uses an EZ Link card which can be purchased with some value on it at the counters at every MRT station. An Adult EZ-Link card costs S$12, inclusive of a S$5 non-refundable card cost and a S$7 card value. You can also purchase a single trip card and pay in cash (no return) in buses. Yet if you are going to make use of the fantastic public transport system in Singapore we highly recommend to get one of these EZ Link cards.



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