History of the Cavitation Symposia

The aim of the cavitation symposia is to promote and exchange knowledge on cavitation worldwide. It was initially conceived for the exchange of scientific and engineering knowledge of cavitation as it applies to naval applications and turbo-machinery. Since then it has grown to encompass the areas of industrial and biomedical application. The goals of the symposium have been achieved by invited lectures of distinguished experts in the field, by papers from active researchers, by workshops and discussions. The symposia have a strong international charac- teristics and are supported by an international scientific committee. Furthermore, it has always been strongly supported by academia, industry and regulatory bodies with more than a hundred papers presented.

The first cavitation symposium was held in 1986 in Sendai, Japan. After the second symposium in Tokyo (1994) it was decided to make it periodic every three to four years in Asia, Europe and the Americas.



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